A Historic Location Focused on Classic-Inspired Cocktails and Beer

The College Avenue location is in the heart of one of the most desirable neighborhoods in the East Bay, where oddly enough, there aren’t any other non-restaurant bars focusing on higher-end cocktails. The space itself is also unique. Featuring a huge brick fireplace (which will be fired up in the winter), the 1912-era building is one of the oldest in the area. And the kicker, according to Jeff Saltzman (co-owner), is that its original purpose was to house a pro-Prohibition group called, yes, the Rockridge Improvement Club.

“There’s a great irony for a bar,” he says. “The history of this building is crazy; it’s pretty awesome.”

In keeping with the spirit of the building’s original use, the group plans to open up the space for local community-focused events, such as fundraisers for schools and libraries. by Ethan Fletcher – SF Gate

the ric entrance

Let’s Drink!


Custom Cocktails

Eastside $11

Barr Hill Gin, lemon, mint, honey syrup & sparking rose

The Claremont $9

Lillet Blanc, Vodka, Gran Classico & peach bitters

Angeldust Sour $12

White Rum, Clement Creole Shrub, pineapple gomme, lime& egg white

Suck it, Trebek $9

Scotch, Averna, Kina Kina & orange bitters

Monster Manual $11

Encanto Pisco, Cherry Heering, Cloudberry, Elderflower, lemon & Scimshaw Pilsner

Hungover in Mexico $10

Espadin Mezcal, grapefruit, lime & Campari

Diamonds & Pearls $10

Bourbon, lemon, Yellow Chartreuse, St.George Pear Liqueur, Peychaud bitters, tarragon

Beers & Wine

Beer on Tap: Pints $7 / Half Pints $4

Old Rasputin Imperial Stout Nitro 9%
North Coast Brewing, Fort Bragg CA

Longshore IPA 7.3%
Fieldwork, Berkeley CA

Henhouse Saison 5.5%
Henhouse Brewing, Santa Rosa CA

Westfalia 5.6%
Fort Point, San Francisco CA

Scrimshaw Pilsner 4.4%
North Coast Brewing, Fort Bragg CA

Pomegranate Cider 6.5%
Two Rivers, Sacramento CA


$12 Hitachino Nest White Ale 5.5%
$3 Miller High Life Pale Lager 4.6%
$8 Boiler Maker: 1oz Four Roses or Ferned w/ High Life

Wine by the glass:

Protocolo, Tempernillo $7
Penya Rose $7
Gerard Bertrand, Brut $11
Cuvee Brut Rose $11

Zachary's Pizza @ The RIC!

Thursday-Satuday 6pm-10pm
Screen Shot 2016-07-28 at 10.56.30 PM

Cheese Pizza
Small Cheese 11.25
Medium Cheese 14.50
Large Cheese 17.80
Gluten Free Cheese 15.00

Veggie Pizza
Small Veggie 16.35
Medium Veggie 20.50
Large Veggie 25.30
Gluten Free Veggie 20.55

Pepperoni OR Saugsage
Small 12.95
Medium 16.50
Large 20.30
Gluten Free 16.85

The RIC Special
Pepperoni and Pineapple with side of Ranch
Small RIC Special 15.65
Medium RIC Special 19.50
Large RIC Special 23.80
Gluten Free RIC Special 19.70

Let’s Catch Up!


``The bartending staff was friendly and hilarious. Even caught them getting down to Michael Jackson behind the bar. They clearly love their jobs. They also know good cocktails inside and out and are always happy to offer a recommendation or whip up something unexpected. Either way, it's going to be damn good.``Hilaria X. - San Francisco, CA

Let’s Play!




Open Daily
Mon - Thu 4pm - 1am
Fri - Sun 4pm - 2am

Bart Accessible

FREE Bart parking:

  • Rockridge Bart Station
  • M-F 3:30 - onwards
  • Weekends - ALL DAY!
  • 3 Minute walk!


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